Today, I’m joining imgix as their chief product officer. Imgix is an image processing stack that allows on-the-fly image manipulation with nothing more than just changing a few parameters in a URL. I have moved to San Francisco, and am joining the team there.

At LayerVault, we were early customers of imgix. I’ve known Chris and Jeremy for many years. They’ve built an amazing team to date. Much of what we were able to accomplish at LayerVault would not have been possible without imgix. (LayerVault still holds the record for the largest image processed on imgix: 989 megabytes.)

As the chief product officer, I’ll be doing what I love: making designers’ and developers’ lives better. By removing much of the gruntwork around images on the web and in apps, imgix lets developers and designers focus on solving domain-specific problems rather than building yet another imaging stack. We are lucky enough to consider Kickstarter, Zillow, and Bonobos our clients.

Here’s to what’s next.

(By the way, imgix is free to try. If you have any questions about the service, drop me an email: We are also hiring.)