In the past, I’ve been asked to deliver a variety of talks.

Here’s a near-complete list with links to the slides or video if available.

EmpireJS 2018
NYC, 2018. “Same as It Ever Was: An Oral History of Modern Web Development”
Goruco 2018
NYC, 2018. “I’ve Made a Huge Mistake: How We Got Services Wrong and What We Learned Along the Way”
Geckoboard Blog
London, 2016. “How Tracking KPIs Could Have Saved LayerVault”
Design Details #115
SF, 2016. “Puppies, People, ’Puters”
Immutable #30
SF, 2016. “Digital Outfitter”
Immutable #29
SF, 2016. “Be Nice, or Else”
Design Driven NYC
NYC, 2015. “Designer News”
UX + Data
NYC, 2015. “Visualizing Time in 2D”
Berlin, 2012. “LayerVault”
Future of Web Apps
London, 2011. “LayerVault”
NY Tech Meetup
NYC, 2011. “LayerVault”
NYC, 2011. “HackCollege”
Gelf Magazine
NYC, 2011. “Cult of Less”
Berlin, 2011. “Cult of Less”
NYC, 2010. “Growing up with the real-time web”
Austin, 2009. “Blackboards or Backchannels?”
Web 2.0 Conference
Berlin, 2007. “American Student 2.0”